How Did Social Media Change the Entertainment Industry?

The improvement of technology affected the world. Social media changed a lot of things about the world as we know it. From meeting people in person and asking for their address and number, we went to asking for their social media account URLs.

From the gambling industry (which has blossomed over the past few years, as nowadays it’s mostly online – nowadays sites have many promotions like the sun vegas promo code so that the users have fun) to the entertainment industry (which has become so popular that I can’t just describe it in one sentence), the creation of the internet and consequently, social media, has changed the world.

Here is how social media changed the entertainment industry.

Interaction With Fans

The entertainment industry was among the first ones to use social media to its fullest. The first things that come to mind were posts of trailers and comments from directors and actors. This changed the world, especially for movies and TV shows where the people involved actually care about their product.

Take the animated movie Sonic the Hedgehog, released in 2020. When the movie’s trailer was released, the fans were baffled as to who made Sonic look nothing like the character in all the Sega games and on most Sega logos. He is their mascot, for crying out loud!

The outrage was so effective that the entire movie was redone, or rather, Sonic was re-animated (not into Frankenstein’s monster) and turned into the quirky and speedy hedgehog we know and love.

Advertising Galore

Most studios and people in the entertainment industry know how to build suspense. No matter if it is a movie, a new album or a video game, (khm, Cyberpunk) building suspense goes a long way to making sure that the fans are hungry and ready for a product. When the product arrives, things go two ways.

The first way is that the product is good and the fans are happy and the second one is that the product is lacking and the fans are beyond disappointed, because all that advertising built up expectations. Social media is used as a platform for advertising anything, basically, not just products from the entertainment industry.

Sharing is Caring

Social media is a partner to most entertainment services, in the sense that fans who watch shows and listen to music will almost instantly make social media posts about it. This means that the person is listening to or watching something and that they also want to share their opinion or feelings about the topic. This is free advertisement for the product or service and affects the entertainment industry very positively.

Too Much Screen Time

At some point, screen time becomes addictive and the youngsters can’t keep their eyes off their phones, when they are in movie theatres, at home watching a show, or even while they are listening to music. This is a side effect of using phones and social media, little to no attention is paid to the art unfolding before their eyes and ears.

Every industry was affected by the rise of the internet and social media and so has the entertainment industry, in ways mentioned above.