What is Sports Business? Should You Study It?

New fields pop us as the world develops and builds opportunities for new job positions. Job positions have changed or expanded to accommodate people with more expertise in a single area. Being overly specialized can help in some scientific fields but in a broader position, more general knowledge is appreciated.

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In business management, especially, it is very hard to be specialized and thrive. Competitors will be branching out and seeking new ways of improving their company or brand.

Sports have developed far enough that managers and business-oriented people have migrated to another industry.

The sports business is a new field that can be studied. But, is it the right one? The sports business is relatively new, but familiar all the same.

What is Sports Business?

Sports business covers many areas that have to do with sports, and like most areas and jobs, it can be broad and very specific. Examples of what sports business deals with are athlete management, social media, negotiations, contracts, creative design, research, merchandise, licensing, the legal side of things, and so on, and so forth.

Since there are so many areas one could work in the sports business, it is important to know that not all areas will have the same requirements or require the same type of knowledge. Someone who works in legal will hardly need to possess the same knowledge as someone in creative design. 

Where Can You Work?

Sports business does not limit one to working in a single part of the industry, though it will likely be related to sports. One can be close to an athlete, as their manager or somebody who does their PR online.

It is possible to work for the rights holders, like the large companies that hold the rights for a sports event or tournaments. Other types of companies that one could work for would be agencies, and they are responsible for negotiating for legal rights, transfers, sponsorships, dealing with athletes and so on and so forth. Sports business could help one get in touch with one of the sports gear manufacturers and their brands. Working on the business end of things with Adidas is a good way to make sure that you have a decent salary.

How to Approach Sports Business

The sports business is like any other university course, you approach it with a desire to learn and the ability to be adaptable. Over the duration of the course, you will probably want to specialize and go towards a specific role in the sports business, some of which can be worlds apart. 

Knowing what you want is not a priority at the start of your studies but near the end, you should have an idea of which position in the sports business would you like to apply for.

The sports business has many opportunities for a lot of people, from legal, athlete management, branding, online and digital media, to working for brands and rights holders.